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NVTV – Randolph E. Pico (Payomkawichum Luiseño)

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau interviews Randolph E. Pico (Payomkawichum Luiseño -‘People of the West’)
on Native Voice TV.

Randolph’s interview is about the Tribes of Luiseño (7 Bands and six are ‘Federally Recognized’ – Pauma, Soboba, LaJolla, Pala, Pechanga and Rincon Bands. One non-federally recognized, ‘San Luis Rey Band).

Pico’s speaks about his family history and his autobiography is about his tribal name of Luiseño (Mission of San Luis Rey de Francia’s father ‘Fermin Francisco de Lasue’n) and tribal region (Southern Coastal from south Los Angeles
to northern San Diego county).

Pico is a ‘Gourd Dancer, Singer, Drummer, ‘MC’ Arena Director and Indian ‘STEM’ director. He speaks about his career in science and where he worked at Lawrence Laboratory. 

Pico mentions that in ‘one square mile‘ their is the highest concentration of Ph.D’s  (3,000 of them).

Pico mentions to the seven generations to be ‘Open Minded to new Concepts‘, ‘Be Persistent’ and ‘Ask for help‘.

Fresno (CMAC 93) Educational Channel 93
of  Native Voice TV shows four times a week
(Monday, Wed., Friday & Sat.) at 5PM.