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NVTV – Michael Smith, American Indian Film Festival, Founder and Director

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau continues to interview Michael Smith, American Indian Film Festival, Founder and Director on
Native Voice TV.

Amador LeBeau asks Michael how the ‘American Indian Film Festival’ started and Michael talks about where he was born, his family history and the person who influenced him ‘Powerfully‘. That person was ‘Chief Dan George‘ from Vancover in (Actor in ‘Little Big Man’).

Michael mentions how Tom Phillips, Director of San Francisco Indian Center help create a Film Festival Conference which solidified the American Indian Film Festival.

42nd Annual
November 4th – 11th
AIFI Film Schedule

Please take the time to go to their website and see the thirteen programs, from November 4th – 11th with over 56 Films that have details of what each film is about including video trailer clips.

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