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NVTV – Dennis Banks (Ojibwe) & Louise J. Miranda Ramirez (Ohlone Tribal Chairwoman)

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau interviews Dennis Banks (Ojibwe) and Louise J. Miranda Ramirez (Ohlone) on Native Voice TV.

The interview began with Ramirez stating that their are 700 tribal members of the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation of Monterey county who are not ‘Federallyrecognized although they have petitioned to the federal government.

This show has to do with oil corporations utilizing the term “PROGRESS” while destroying the Future of Water for the next 7 Generations. There are small clips of Banks‘ speaking about the resemblance of North Dakota Pipeline and the Monterey county initiative “Measure Z” (Hydraulic Fracturing).

Measure Z passed (November 9th, 2016) which will prevent Hydraulic Fracturing in Monterey county and recently three of the largest oil producers (Chevron Corp. and the second one by Aera Energy LLC, co-owned by affiliates of Shell Mobil Co. and ExxonMobil) sued Monterey county on three fronts as stated in the Mercury News. ( )

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