Los Angeles (LA36)

LA 36

Los Angeles (LA 36)

Time Warner Educational Access Channel (Ch.36)
will reach 700,000 households
1 million viewers, serving
15 council districts of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles (LA 36) Educational Channel
of  Native Voice TV shows schedule
will be airing November 2nd, 2014.

Native Voice TV - LA 36 (LACTAC) Channel 36 Public Show Schedule

NVTV - Joseph D. Valdez - "The Memory Stick" YouTube LinkSun. Apr. 82:30 PM36
NVTV - Corinne Oestreich (Oglala/Lakota-Blackfoot) YouTube LinkSun. Apr. 152:30 PM36
NVTV - Alexis Augustine (Navajo/Cochiti/Santo Domingo Pueblo) YouTube LinkSun. Apr. 222:30 PM36
NVTV - Tom Phillips (Kiowa/Muscogee) YouTube LinkSun. Apr. 292:30 PM36
NVTV - We are People, Not Your Mascots! YouTube LinkSun. May 52:30 PM36
NVTV - Sweet Lodge Sistaz YouTube LinkSun. May 122:30 PM36
NVTV - Aurora Mamea (Blackfeet) YouTube LinkSun. May 192:30 PM36
NVTV - Baeza (Mexica/Tiano) & Wolfe (Muscogee Creek Nation) YouTube LinkSun. May 262:30 PM36