Jesse Hernandez

NVTV – Jesse Hernandez (Yaqui/Chicano) – ‘Urban Native & Urban Aztec’ Artist: Part 2

Jesse Hernandez

Cihuapilli Rose Amador interviews Jesse Hernandez (Yaqui/Chicano) of the Bay Area on Native Voice TVHernandez continues to show his art work and explains how his ‘Urban Vinly Designer Toys‘ originated from China and Japan. He shows his first production toy (limited edition of 100 in the world) ‘Aztec Rain God‘.

Hernandez continues with how he keeps pushing the envelope of keeping his original hand drawing into the ‘Digital’ software world. He uses Flash a two dimensional web animation program and creates his first animation, ‘Writers Block’ which was on Adams Film.

The show goes on to talk about his first big gig of the Filipino culture of Adult Cartoons called, ‘The Nutshack‘. This is a must SEE!

His art forms of ‘Urban Native & Urban Aztec‘ keeps the spiritual connection from his Indigenous culture but allows his modern art not to conform to any medium form. Current art form is what he calls,

Urban Vinyl“.

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