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NVTV – Jesse Hernandez (Yaqui/Chicano) – ‘Urban Native & Urban Aztec’ Artist

Jesse Hernandez's Mural

Cihuapilli Rose Amador interviews Jesse Hernandez (Yaqui/Chicano) of the Bay Area on Native Voice TV. Hernandez speaks about how he started his art career once he left high school and went to the ‘Art Institute of South Dakota’ and studied from a painter named ‘Robert Penn (Died Feb. 12, 1999) and Penn was influenced by the Oscar Howe (First – Contemporary Native American artist).
Hernandez continued his education and received his BSA in ‘Digital Media and Animation’ from San Francisco Art Institute. Hernandez had shown his art in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other cities across the country.
His art forms of ‘Urban Native & Urban Aztec‘ keeps the spiritual connection from his Indigenous culture but allows his modern art not to conform to any medium form. Current art form is what he calls,

Urban Vinyl“.
Throughout the show he continues to show his various art forms.