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NVTV – Donna Seaton (Washoe) and Ac’ aq Ester Stauffer (Alaska Native-Yup’ik)

Donna Seaton & Ester StaufferCihuapilli Rose Amador interviews two guests: Donna Seaton (Washoe) and Ac’ aq Ester Stauffer (Alaska Native-Yup’ik) on Native Voice TV.
Her first guest, Donna Seaton (Washoe) is of the Alameda Labor Coach Association. Seaton is administrative to the director of Native TANF Program in Oakland. She is a ‘Labor coach‘ and started when her younger sister was pregnant and alone. She labor coached for many decades and helped many women give birth.
Native Voice TV’s second guest is Ac’ aq Ester Stauffer (Alaska Native-Yup’ik), Deputy Director of TANF of Bay Area.
(San Francisco, Oakland, Stockton and San Jose, Calfornia). Their are about 30 staff members. TANF’s ‘Mission’ is to provide various services, in education and career advancement for Native american who are on the Alaskan and Californian role. TANF services is to empower each person to become self sustaining. Heavy emphasis in Education.
Stauffer speaks in her ‘Native‘ language about how they traditionally introduce themselves to others in a different village. She mentions that her introduction to others is to let them know what village and who her grandmother is. Stauffer speaks about the hazards of traveling between villages when the wind would pick up, temperature dropping below 60 degrees and with zero visibility. She speaks about her parents having an ‘Arranged Marriage’ in which is traditional in her tribe.

Tuesday, May 27th on KMVT Comcast Channel 15 @ 8:00 P.M.