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NVTV – Orena Monahan Flores (Quechan) – ‘PAAW Diabetis Prevention’

Cihuapilli Rose Amador LeBeau and Craig Pasqua interviews Orena Monahan Flores (Quechan Tribe) representative of PAAW on Native Voice TV.

Rose asks Flores what are the Indigenous ‘Diabetis‘ Health situation and what is the organization PAAW (Pathway to American Indian and Alaskan Native Wellness) doing?

Flores states that ‘Diabetis‘ is serious to the Indigenous population and give reasons as to why. Flores continues to give how this ‘Diabetis Prevention program is funded, how its structured and its main objectives of helping Indigenous become leaders, promote education in preventing ‘Diabetis‘ across all reservations and urban centers.

Flores continues to speak the ‘Cultural‘ inclusion in their PAAW program and gives more of her biography of her family and her life in the reservation and urban centers.

More information can be obtained by going to their social media and contact information:

Pathway to American Indian and Alaskan Native Wellness

Jan Vasquez: 408.396.0992